Saturday, September 23, 2017

Darker Reds and Dark Forest

Wool 42 (pending)and 43

dark tomato red
not as bright as shown
deep rich tomato

two pieces 
14 x 29
plus shipping

Wool 40 and 41

similar to 42/43
just a little more red
two pieces
18 x 29
plus shipping

 Wool 44 and 45 (both pending)

dark forest
looks nearly black in person
two pieces
17 x 28
plus shipping

More Blue

Wool 34

a little bright in the photo
much more drab in person
a nice mottled, faded blue

only one piece 
plus shipping
Wool 35 and 36

again, more drab and darker in person
hate to part with these...
maybe nobody wants them!

two pieces 17 x 30
plus shipping

Outside Shots~ Mottled Olive

Wool 26 and 27 (both pending)

why yes I do love green
especially a drab olive
this shows much better in photos taken outside
here you can see the mottling

these two pieces are 18 x 25 
 plus shipping

Wool 28 and 29

two pieces 13 x 25
plus shipping

Wool 30 and 31

two very mottled pieces
12.5 x 25
plus shipping 

Wool 32 and 33

 nicely mottled
they are the same drab olive as others, just more mottling
two pieces available

13.5 x 25
plus shipping

 the photos taken outside are much more accurate
but still not exact

Faded Pumpkin

Wool 12 and 13 (both pending)

more faded in person
lightly mottled
all the pieces on this post are the same color
just different size pieces

these are 15 x 25
plus shipping

Wool 25

20 x 27
plus shipping

Wool 14 and 15

18 x 21
plus shipping 

Thanks for looking!

Olive Drabs

Wool 21 and 22( both pending)

much more drab in person
mottled lightly
a much lighter color than shows

one of my very favorite pieces...
I'm keeping a ton for myself!

each piece 25 x 18
plus shipping

 Wool 20 (pending)

one of a kind
drab green 

14 x 27
plus shipping

Wool 16 and 17 (both pending)

faded army blanket green
another favorite

each piece 17 x 29
plus shipping

Wool 18 and 19 (both pending)

much more faded in person
drab olive green

I can never have enough of this color 

each piece 16.5 x 28
plus shipping

Thanks for looking!

Faded Blues

Wool 5 (pending)and 6

looks fairly accurate on my monitor
maybe a little more blue 
lightly mottled

each piece 17 x 26
plus shipping

Wool 7 and 8

looks fairly accurate
a little more blue
lightly mottled

each piece 17 x 27
plus shipping

Wool 9 and 10

a little more faded in person
lightly mottled 

each piece 16 x 27
plus shipping

Faded and Dark Reds

Wool 1  (pending) and 2

in person this wool is darker, a more faded red
lightly mottled
each piece 12 x 28 inches
plus shipping

 Wool 3 and 4

in person this wool is much darker
more maroon, burgundy, blackish
heavily mottled

each piece is 18 x 29 inches
$15 plus shipping

Wool 11 and 12 (both pending)
more of the faded red
lightly mottled

each piece is 14 x 25
$10.25 plus shipping