Monday, October 16, 2017

Wool Lovers

some wool I've dyed this year...
I was going to list some wool for sale today 
but am tired
I work full time and do this as a hobby
to help support my wool habit
along with wanting to
 pay off my student loans before I retire
please sign up to follow by email
that way you'll be notified when I post items for sale
Thank you so much for your interest
wool lovers are my favorite sort of people

one of my designs
punched by Jennifer Mayo

a little pumpkin mat
I hooked years ago...

Friday, October 13, 2017

A Few Wool Sources

looking for as-is wool (off the bolt)
and hand dyed
Laurie has a great selection and sells in small quantities
  perfect for applique

another source for small pieces of as-is and dyed wool
perfect for applique

The Big Three

these three links are where I purchase my wool
be sure to order the swatches
as they will help you see the actual color and feel

these are the suppliers to most shops
as they have their own milled wools 

Betsy has remnant sales every now and then
bundles of small pieces and end of bolts
I love to purchase they for overdyeing!
get on her mailing list if you're interested

If you check these out you'll find 
yourself in wool overload...

You can thank me later
when the wool starts arriving at your house

So yes, sometimes I have wool sales here
mostly my hand dyed or bundles for applique
but who wants to wait for those...

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Time Out

I need a little 
time out
to get my orders shipped 

then I'll update 
to let you know what's available

Thanks for overwhelming me with orders! 

All the homespun  bundles and more have sold!

Thank you!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Homespun Bundle Sale SOLD OUT

 Black Top Bundle
nearly identical
2  1 available

last one pending


$15 each plus actual shipping
US only 
PayPal only
email kankerdoodle@
or PM on Facebook

Gold Top Bundle
3  2  1 available
nearly identical

close up gold top bundle

Green Top Bundle
3 available
nearly identical

green top close up

Blue Plaid Top Bundles
3  2 available

Last 2 are PENDING payment
nearly identical

 blue plaid close up

Odd Top Bundles
4 available
nearly identical just different top fabrics

 odd top close up

~~~Super Bundle~~~
this is a little over 2 pounds
of homespun wonderfulness...

$30 plus actual shipping

  Thanks for looking